TBAC SA. is an amenities manufacturing company, based in South Africa. In a nutshell: we design, manufacture and deliver a great service.

Through our relentless focus on customer service and quality products, we have secured contracts with many of Africa’s largest hotel groups and amenity distributors. Our well-equipped manufacturing facility not only enables us to export with SADC certificates (which means duty savings in the SADC region), but also allows us to control the quality of our products down to the last detail.

We are passionate about keeping our supply chain within South Africa, empowering ourselves and our partners through every step of the process.

Our amenities are of the finest quality and will make your guests’ experience that much more memorable.

TBAC SA. Customer Experience

Our attention to the smallest details enables us to create an extraordinary experience for our customers, and by doing so, build trust and value.

TBAC SA. Mission

To be a value-adding, indispensable part of our customers’ supply chain by offering an exceptional product and extraordinary customer experience.

TBAC SA. Vision

To become a globally trusted, South African based manufacturer of the finest quality guest amenities and soap.


We’re extremely focused on the impact that the hospitality industry has on the environment. As a result, we are constantly looking for sustainable guest amenity solutions.

Single use plastics, both those that are not recyclable and those that are not recycled, have devastated our oceans and rivers. While there is no silver bullet that provides an immediate fix to the problem, every one of us needs to start a journey made up of thousands of small changes that when put together make a significant impact on the waste we produce – our journey has started.

We have helped many of our customers move over to dispenser systems, large plastic bottles and glass bottles. At the same time, many of our customers are very concerned about the hygiene aspects of these systems, extra housekeeping time and the various other challenges that come with large sized bottles.

By the end of 2020, ALL of our travel sized guest amenity bottles will be made from 100% recycled PET (rPET). Not only will no new plastic enter the system, the current increase in demand for rPET is pushing the recycling industry to reclaim more material before it’s lost to the system. These rPET bottles are 100% recyclable and we have started working with customers to return bottles to our factory for recycling – more news on this program to follow.

We have also developed waterless shampoo & body wash bars that have saved over 100000 litres of water in 1 year. Visit for more information.



Passionate About Manufacturing

  • We have an internal R&D department, our formulation chemist will be able to assist you in creating your perfect guest amenities
  • We compound (manufacture) all of our liquid products from locally sourced raw materials, so we really manufacture your guest amenities from start to finish
  • Our compounding team has 25 years experience in manufacturing cosmetic products, this ensures great quality products
  • Our factory manufactures to strict GMP (good manufacturing process)
  • We can manufacture over 1,200,000 x 50ml hotel amenities in a month and we have 5 dedicated filling lines.

Efficiency & Quality

Our 6 000m² factory and warehouse in Kya Sands, north of Johannesburg, is the largest amenities manufacturing facility in southern Africa. Our fully automated production lines ensure that we are able to produce at speed: we have capacity to manufacture an access of 100 000 bars of triple milled palm soap every day.

However, our clients aren’t interested solely in quantity. They demand quality, too, which is why our facility has been purpose built to comply with ISO standards.

We manufacture our own bottles and tubes, meaning we can control our impact on the environment. This, combined with our in-house printing facility, ensures that we have complete control over every stage of production.

Empowering Communities

At TBAC SA, we’re passionate about keeping our manufacturing process in South Africa so we can uplift our community. We also believe that women are the heart of any community.

  • We choose to maintain a gender parity mindset, challenge stereotypes and bias, forging positive visibility of women and celebrating women’s achievements in the workplace.
  • We are proud to have an internal team that is made up of 54.8% women and a distributor network that includes 72.9% women. Our goal is to always maintain a 50/50 split as we continually work on empowering, including and supporting women.
  • Over and above guest amenities, we manufacture slippers and laundry bags. Our textile team is made up of 10 full time seamstresses.
  • We are piloting a soap recycling project aimed at creating a sustainable business for the Kya Sand community. The project will not only create a sustainable livelihood for many, it will also help keep the community safe.